Tournament Rules

Article 1 - This circuit consists of about 100 stages of qualifying, 3/5/8 for each club selected, 1 National Semi-Finals and a Grand Final at Verdura Golf.

Article 2 - All games will be played with the formula 18 holes Stableford 3 categorie.Vi can participate in the Italian and foreign players at the time of registration will be regularly registered at the respective federations.

Article 3 - The head judge of each race will be specifically designated by the circle where the race is. Apply the rules of Royal Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews and the local rules of the individual circles organizers.

Article 4 - Claims must be submitted in writing to the Referee within 30 minutes of the end of the race. Any later claim will not be taken into account.

Article 5 - Formula race: 18 holes stableford, three limited categories.
1st Class handicap 0 - 12 - 2 ^ category handicap from 13 to 22 - 3rd category disability 23 to 36

Article 6 - Prizes: 1st - 2nd Net by category, 1st gross, 1st Senior, 1st Lady
Order of merit: 1 Net for category 1, Gross, 2nd Net by category, 1st Senior, 1st Lady

Article 7 - Assign points: at the end of the race the Club will prepare the ranking by assigning points stableford acquired by creating a "ranking" for the top 12 in each category Net and gross to the first 12, the first 6 senior and first lady 6.

Article 8 - Semifinal national will be allowed to play in the Semi-Final national (for free), the best players who have scored the highest score by 1 Net Category, 1st gross, 1 senior and 1 st lady, adding the individual matches played in each club. In case of cancellation of a player having the right to play in the semi-final, you can access the next player on the list of selection races. Players admitted to the semi-final that should be changed to play with the new hcp hcp.

Article 9 - equal points, go into the Semi-Final national player who will be awarded the highest score refers to the result of the last games played.

Article 10 - In the event that the player's net profit was also qualified as the first ever, will take on the second net.

Article 11 - Grand Finale at Verdura Golf and Spa Resort: acquire the right to participate in the GRAND NATIONAL FINAL the first equity for each category and the first Gross

(We inform you that if the sufficient number of finalists is not reached to carry out the Grand Final in a correct and rewarding way, the participating players will be hosted in the Grand Final of the next Edition. The Company does not assume responsibility for failure to reach the number of players expected, as it did not depend on its will)

Article 12 - The circuit "Passion Golf - Edition 2014-2015" will be considered regularly competed in effect even if, for any reason, they can not compete for all 100 scheduled events.